The Intense Life

When I had to make a URL type deal, I had trouble thinking of something. In fact, it will probably change as time moves on, but for now I stuck with The Intense Life. I was actually reading over someones profile on facebook once and when it asked to describe the person, they just put… I live life very intensely. That really stuck out to me, seeing that this guys was also a big achiever. I thought to myself… that is awesome! I want to live life with intensity. Every action, thought, and idea lived out on purpose.

I began to think of some of the leaders and people in my own life whom I both look up and admire. As I evaluated their lives . . . I realized a common theme in each of them was they all lived very intense lives. Another way of saying it could just be: They live their life on purpose and work very hard to reach their maximum potential. If there were any factor or characteristic that I see that separates the good from the great, the successful from the unsuccessful, and the overachievers from the under achievers, I would submit that it is their ability to live their lives on purpose and work hard.

As I grow older I am beginning to see a split between the people that will be successful and accomplish great things in their lives and the people who will only dream and wish their lives away. Even some people that have great calls on their lives can and will miss out on everything God’s put in their heart as a result of not living an intense life. My high school football coach always used to say that “Day to day intensity with week to week consistency, builds champions.” That is an absolute truth.

If we can learn how to handle each day correctly and be consistent then we’ll get all of our “Ephesians 3:20’s” (Our super, abundantly, far above all we can dare ask, think, or imagine)
in life. God wants us to have an Ephesians 3:20 spouse, family, career, and life, but that will only be accomplished as we learn to be live life daily with intensity.

“The Secret of Your Success is always found in your daily agenda.” -John Maxwell

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  1. Dude – I look forward to more on Bubs Blog. I’ve got you listed on my blog roll now!

    Hope the Rev 4th picnic was good. We had a blast on date night!

    Enjoy Canada eh!

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