The Kindle after Two Weeks

If you would have asked me 3 months ago about the Kindle, I would have told you, “It might be cool, but I love actual books. I like the feel, I enjoy highlighting, and building my library.” Then 2 of my friends got them and got hooked, so I started looking into e-readers. After my research and talking to my friends, I decided I’d get one, and actually ended up getting one as a gift for Christmas. Here are my thoughts on the Kindle so far:

1.) It is very Convenient – No more packing 3-4 books in my computer case when I travel and no more going to book stores to buy books. It’s a great size and you can order practically any book you want and have it ready to read in seconds.

2.) Filing is Easy – Highlighting takes less time than it would in a actual book. The Kindle automatically takes all your highlights and saves them into a file called my clippings. When you plug it into your computer, you just open the file, and copy and paste your highlights into a word document.

3.) Battery Life – One charge will last for days – rarely have to worry about recharging it.

4.) Ability to Read Faster- After talking it over with my friends, we all believer we’re able to read faster with the Kindle.

5.) The Dictionary – The Kindle has a dictionary built into it, just point the cursor to a word and it’s definition automatically comes up. This will definitely help me expand my vocabulary.

6.) The Options – You can choose your font size, have it read to you audibly, make notes throughout the book, and a few other options.

7.) The E-Ink Screen – At first I thought it was lame that the Kindle didn’t have a color or touch screen. Someone explained to me that the reasoning behind it was to make it easier on your eyes so you can read as long as you want. I don’t enjoy reading on my computer or iphone that much, but I can read the Kindle for hours without any irritation.

8.) The Kindle is Redefining my Library – I literally am going to take my library and rip all the pages out of the books that I’d like to file, and then chuck them. Books will soon be a thing of the past, whether you like it or not.

Unless I have to for a class, I won’t go back to regular books, ever again! I love the Kindle and love the potential e-readers have for the future of everything we read.

Kindle Grade: 9/10  Buy it Here


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