The Perfect Day Off?

I had the day off yesterday and had a great time… it got me thinking. What does the perfect day off look like? Here are a few things that are included on my perfect day off:

  • Starbucksok… so maybe this is an everyday treat… but I love the Bux!
  • Reading – I love reading books and I could spend hours in Sbux, bookstores, and other places with my nose in books.
  • Running – I think I am actually addicted to running now… it’s my quiet place to get away and spend some time with God, worship, and listen to some sick sermons!
  • Movies – I’m a huge movie buff… Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do
  • Gaming – I’m not a big gamer, but I go enjoy playing some Wii here and there… my next purchase…Super Mario Galaxy
  • Hanging with friends – going to a park or playground and just hanging out always makes for a great time on my day off.
  • Going out to eat – usually when I go out to eat it’s after a long day of work or after church and it’s late. On my day off I can really take my time and enjoy the people I’m with and grub until I can’t move!

I’d like to hear from you… What do you do on your days off that you absolutely love?


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