The Church I Now See

This past Sunday I got to visit Hillsong NYC. It’s incredible to see what God has done in and through Hillsong Church. In fact, God has done such a work in and through their church that Hollywood is actually making a movie documenting the story of their church. Anytime I see God greatly using an organization or individual, I always ask the question, “God, what is it about them that enables you to use them at that level?

When I walked into Hillsong NYC, I saw the sign pictured below as soon as I walked in. When I read it, I got a revelation of why God has been able to use Hillsong in the way He has. Their vision. They really do believe that with God, they can influence and change the entire world. This vision fired me up so much that I had to share it with you.

What is even cooler is that you can read this vision along with the vision Pastor Brian Houston had for the church in 1993 on their website. What he spoke in 1993 is happening now. What he spoke in 2014 will happen in the years to come.

Thoughts and Questions:

  • What are you believing God for? Dream big! God wants to use you to change the world!
  • What is the vision God put in your heart? He didn’t give that to you to mess with you! Pursue it!
  • What are you doing with your life that is bigger than you? Find somewhere to serve! Use the gifts and talents God gave you to make a difference in the communities in which you live!

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 The Church I see by Brian Houston

The church that I see is a global church. I see a global family: One house with many rooms, outworking a unified vision. I see a church apostolic in calling, and visionary in nature; committed to boldly impacting millions for Christ in significant cities and nations throughout the earth with the greatest of all causes – the Cause of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I see a church that champions the cause of local churches everywhere; encouraging them to be all that God has called them to be. A Church that refuses to be content with the triumphs of the past, but is constantly looking towards the future – filled with a vision that inspires and influences many.

Positioned in the heart of culture, in great diverse urban centers, I see buildings that struggle to contain the increase of all that God is doing; occupying land and places that are miraculous in provision and impossible to ignore.

I see a church that is big enough to dream on a global scale, yet personal enough for every ONE to find their place. I see a church that beckons ‘WELCOME HOME’ to every man, woman and child that walks through the doors.

The church that I see is a worshipping church whose songs reflect such a passion for Christ that others sense His magnificence and power. A distinct sound that emanates from a healthy church, contagious in spirit – creating music that resounds from villages and tribes to great cities and nations.

I see a church that is constantly innovative: A church that leads the communication of a timeless message through media, film, and technology. A church with a message beamed to people around the globe through their television screens, bringing JESUS into homes, palaces and prisons alike.

I see a church with a world-class college that raises, equips, and empowers generations of young, anointed leaders from across the globe. Graduates who serve God in all walks of life,
released to salt the earth with dynamic ministries and churches throughout the continents of the world.

I see a church graced with layers of ‘once-in-a-generation’ type leaders – who are naturally gifted, spiritually potent and genuinely humble. Leaders who will pay the price and count the cost of impacting cities and nations with great, God-glorifying churches.

I see a church whose leadership is unified in their commitment to the authenticity, credibility and quality of its heart. Leaders who dare to be themselves, yet live secure in the knowledge that “what they are part of is bigger than the part they play.”

I see a church committed to an innovative NETWORK that connects hundreds of thousands of pastors and leaders and equips them to flourish. A network committed to the apostolic anointing of leaders who are desperate to see the Church of Jesus Christ rise up to live the un-lived life within her… His glorious Church.

I see like-spirited churches in cities of influence that exemplify faithfulness manifested in bricks and mortar. Churches with supernatural provision of buildings and properties standing as beacons of light that bring glory to God and hope to humanity.

I see a church that loves God, loves people and loves life. Youthful in spirit; generous at heart; faith-filled in confession; loving in nature and inclusive in expression.

– Brian Houston 2014

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