Thee Answer for Everything

Everyone is seeking answers. Answers to what we’re going to do with their lives, how to break addictions, how to raise a great family, how to do well financially, whether or not something is morally wrong to do, the list goes on and on.

I know when people come to me about issues they’re going through, I want to give them answers, but all too often it’s to impress them rather than actually help them. I started asking myself, “How can I actually help people?” “What will actually get them through this?” At Impartation this year, I got my answer:

I was in a Question and Answer with Keith Moore and he was talking about a certain issue. He said that when the issue came up, he did not know how to minister to the people struggling with that issue, so he asked God. God spoke to his heart and said, “Ask them if they love me and if they’re pursuing me.” If they are, I’ll deal with them about that issue and bring them out of it. If they don’t love me and aren’t pursuing me, they’re not even saved, and that’s an entirely different issue.”

That’s when it hit me:

The answer to what you’re supposed to do with your life is: Pursue God.

The way to break your addiction is: Pursue God.

The way to do well financially is: Pursue God.

The way to have an awesome life is: Pursue God.

Thee answer to everything is: Pursue God.

Now when I’m going through something or someone asks me for advice, I ask, “Do you love God and are you pursuing Him? Are you getting in the Word? Spending time in prayer? Getting quiet before God?”

95% of the time, the answer is, “I haven’t been spending time with God like I should.” Then I know that the only way I’ll get the answer I’m looking for is to spend time with Him.

The Bible says, “If you draw close to God, He’ll draw close to you.” “If you need wisdom, ask God, and He’ll give it to you.” Let’s stop seeking people’s advice and start seeking God’s. Give God a chance! He is thee answer for everything.

This reminds me a lot of this video, Only God is the answer to everything we need:



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