The Only Way Out

I’ve been listening to this sermon over and over again. This part wrecked me:

“You can’t get through this in your own might, own effort, or your own thinking. I’m going to bring you through and your songs are going to be about me.  It’ll be about divine deliverance, not human effort. Nothing you did, but something I did. Your song will be about Jesus and not about yourself. Your testimony will not be “Look I figured it out, I got the plan to get through and get the promises. No, your story will be about meeting the giants and not knowing how to go forward until God’s Holy Spirit came upon you.”

Something I’m noticing that holds me back is having faith in things I shouldn’t have faith in.

I’m finding I have faith in myself, my ability to produce, my faith, my confession, my gifting, my calling, my bank account, my job, my church, my pastor, my favorite bible teacher, my favorite scriptures, my ______.

The problem? A whole lot of faith in a something that can’t produce anything: ME.

In II Tim 1:12, Paul said, “I know in WHOM I believe.” He had faith in one person: God. That’s it. No matter what you’re going through – the only way out is God. Not your plan, not someone’s advice, not your church, not your friends, systems, confession, tradition, or anything you can do on your own.

He alone is your victory. He alone can get you through. He alone is your source. He alone is your purpose, your dreams, your plans. He alone is everything you need and everything you want. He alone is God.

So quit putting your faith in anything but Him.

Where have you misplaced your faith? I promise you, if your faith is anywhere other than in God, you’re in trouble!



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