There is Nothing Better

“I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” -John 10:10

I was listening to Keith Moore and he said this:

“Living for God is the best life you can live. A lot of people will say Christians are boring and don’t have fun, but… Hugging a toilet in the morning  isn’t fun, sitting in jail for doing something stupid last night isn’t fun. No, the Christian life is the best life, the most fulfilling life, there is nothing better. If there was something better, I’d do it, but there is nothing better.”

I couldn’t agree more… In fact, I often say that my life didn’t even start until I started living for God. If there was a better life – I would not be living for God right now.  I’ve lived without God and I’ve lived for God, and there is no comparison between the two.

There really is nothing better than living for God!


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