They Didn't Have to Be

I must be on a country kick! Here is another country music video by Brad Paisley called, “He didn’t Have to Be”. It’s about a step dad coming into his step sons life and being a dad that he didn’t have to be.

Some thoughts:

1.) You Parents Do & Did the Best They Knew How

  • If you have great parents recognize that they didn’t have to be great. They choose to. They choose to love you and raise you right.  Be grateful.
  • If you have “bad” parents, recognize they did the best they could and the best they knew how. Love them for the investment they made, even if it wasn’t a great one in your eyes.

2.)  Be a Parent to Someone Who Needs One – I love it when I see a family take someone in who doesn’t have a great family life and treats them as their own. If you’re in a position to be a dad or a mom to someone that doesn’t have one, I promise you, that persons life will be forever changed as a result of you bringing them in.

Do your parents know you’re grateful for them? Do you know they’ve done the best they know how? Has someone been a parent to you that didn’t have to?

If so, do something for them to show your gratitude, because whether you recognize it or not, you’re blessed more than you could ever imagine.



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