Things I Need to Remind Myself of Everday

“Discipline is Remembering What You Want”

There are so many lessons in life that are timeless and that we need to be reminded of on a continual basis. These are some of the lessons I try to think on daily to keep my life in order, focused, and going somewhere:

  • My Life isn’t My Own, it’s God’s, I surrender what I want my day to look like for what He wants it to look like.
  • God is My Source
  • Spending Time with God is the Most Important Thing I do
  • I can’t Make Up Tomorrow what I fail to Pay For Today
  • Success is a Journey, Not a Destination
  • Because of God – I’m always in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people!
  • God thinks I can Do Anything so I’m going to Dream as Big as I can!
  • Pay Now, Play Later, or Play Now, and Pay Later
  • Interruptions can be Divine Appointments
  • I can Change the World One Person at a Time
  • If I don’t take control of my schedule, someone else will.
  • Everybody I meet is Going Through Something and Needs Encouragement
  • Financially – if I live like no one else lives now, later, I’ll live like no one else lives.
  • Success is when those closest to me, respect me the most -> Connect with Family
  • If I don’t Workout and Eat right – I’m going to get Fat
  • Look for ways to create memories that you’ll never forget!
  • Connect with 5 people you haven’t talked to in a week -> Send a text, facebook, etc.
  • Life is Short ->ENJOY THE JOURNEY – HAVE FUN

What are some things you remind yourself  of daily to make sure your life is going in the right direction?


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