Things I'm Looking Forward to in '09

2009 is here! Time really doesn’t wait for anybody does it? I thought I’d do a fun post on things I’m looking forward to this year. Here we go:

  1. Victory Family Church – I love my church and we’re touching a generation of people together – so excited to see what God does this year!
  2. Revolution – This will be our first full year under the leadership of Pastor Nathan Hurst – so excited to see where God takes us through him! We have some amazing things planned for Rev!
  3. 19 North – is going to double again this year and we’ll see the main sanctuary filled with twenty somethings who are passionately pursuing God and making an impact on the city of Pittsburgh – believe it!
  4. Learning to Cook – Yes, you read that correctly. It is a goal of mine to learn to cook this year! Get ready!
  5. The Pittsburgh Marathon I’m running this with Chris Martin and Scott Dozier and Pastor Moore – it’s going to be a ton of fun and an amazing accomplishment!
  6. The Marine Corps Marathon – I’m pretty sure this is going to be my fall marathon – Let me know if you’d be interested! It’s in October – training would start in May!
  7. Vacation – Not really sure where I’m going to go this year – but I always enjoy time away!
  8. Imparation Conference Keith Moore, Doug Jones, and Rick Renner – does it get any better?
  9. The 2nd Cadre Advance – I get to go to Atlanta to spend time with Jeanne Mayo again in May – so pumped!
  10. Other Possible Conferences – so many I want to go to this year – Catalyst West Coast, Catalyst, Marriage Enrichment, Week of Increase… so many to choose from – so little time!
  11. Personal Growth – another year means plenty of more reading and plenty of more listening to series/sermons – Love it!

Other than this – the year is full of possibilities – I’m so excited! It’s going to be the best year ever!!! Time to go watch USC – PSU play in the Rose Bowl…..Have a great first day of 2009!


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