Things that Make Life Easier

Below are some things I use in everyday life that have made life so much more productive & so much easier! I’d recommend checking out everything I’ve listed.

If you’re aware of other things that could simplify my life of make it more productive, please leave your recommendations in the comment section!

Google Reader – Ever feel like there is way too much to read? Too many blogs, to many news articles, etc.? Google reader allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds and have all of your favorite news articles, blogs, etc. in one central place for you to read. If you’re not currently using this, you need to check it out!

Evernote – I just recently started using this, it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite things in the world. It’s a place where you can draft, edit, organize, and file text documents, audio files, pictures, and pretty much anything else you can imagine! You’re able to organize everything by Tags and Notebooks. I’d highly recommend looking into this and all the things you’re able to do with it!

Hootsuite – This is where I take care of my social networking updates. It allows you to schedule Tweets/Facebook updates in advance. You can schedule updates as far out in advance as you’d like, so you don’t have to waste time during the day thinking of what to say, etc. There are plenty of other benefits, but I’d recommend using this tool!

IMapMyRide – If you’re a walker, runner, or a biker, you need to get this app or use this website. It will track all of your workouts, map out your runs, keep your heart rate, allow you to listen to your ipod while working out, and even has voice updates that tell you how far you’ve gone, etc. This makes working out so much more fun!

Tap & Track – This is what I use to track all of my calories. It’s only for the iPhone, but it’s so convenient! You can find pretty much any restaurants nutritional info in this app, pretty much any food from the grocery store, and what you can’t find, you can add. If you’re watching what you eat, this is a necessity! I love it! – The best free way to track all of your finances. This will create reports for you based on your spending, allow you to make financial goals, give you options as to where you’re money could be making more money for you, etc.

YouVersion – This is free online Bible software. By far the best out there! Want to read the Bible through in a year? No problem – YouVersion provides a ton of reading plans for you to choose from. They will track your progress, allow you to tag and make notes with the scriptures, share verses, and allow you to read any version you want. There are mobile versions available! Get in the Word!

iPhone – This goes without saying, but the iPhone has made life so much easier. All of the things I’ve listed above are all available on my phone. If you have one, I bet you’d agree that you can’t really remember what life was like when you didn’t have one! I don’t care what anybody says, no other phone comes close to the iPhone. I’d recommend getting one, it’s worth it.

Google Analytics – Want to track traffic for your website? This is the best way! You’ll be able to find out pretty much anything you want to about who comes to your website, how many times, what they look at, etc. This is very helpful to see whether or not your website is effective, what articles interest people, etc. If you have a website and you’re not using this, you need to be.

Google Apps –  I use this to e-mail my ministry teams, share documents with them, share to do lists with them, create online sign-ups and track them, share calendars, have online team meetings, etc. I’d highly recommend getting your organization hooked up with the apps, especially if you’re a non-profit!


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