This is Your Life

In reflecting on life recently, the only conclusion I can come to is: I thank God for my life.

I think that is an attitude we should all have as we go throughout life. So much of our life is what we make of it. It’s about our attitude. It’s about our choices. There are going to be ups and downs. There are going to be trials and tests. There are going to be tough times. But in spite of all of that, we get to live our lives.

We get to experience so much everyday that we take for granted.We get to have a relationship with God, travel, have great relationships, have bad relationships, go to school, go on vacations, go after our dreams, have crushes, get disappointed, fall in love, experience success, experience failure, go to family picnics, go to high school reunions, take classes to improve, interact on Facebook and twitter, go to church, serve our communities, network, listen to music, exercise, eat great food, smell flowers, see wildlife, shop, drive, watch great movies, you could go on forever on everything we can experience in life.

Life is Beautiful

The bottom line is: Our lives is where the action is. This is the only time in history that we get to live. The people we come in contact with, we may never come in contact with again. This is where we get to dream big and go for it. Everything here is a once in a lifetime experience. Enjoy the journey. Go after your dreams. Take nothing for granted. Realize that there is hope in the midst of any situation you may be in. Keep going. Don’t quit. Don’t get discouraged. When life is bad, realize it will get better.

Live your life for Everything it’s Worth.






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  1. nice and inspirational… no one’s to be blamed with what we would come up to in the future, we make our own choices and it’s up to us in choosing the best !
    thanx for reminding us of this (:

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