What I Learned About Teamwork After Winning a Championship!

 Two years ago, my friends and I were playing pick-up hockey for fun and decided to join a deck-hockey league. Our first season, we went 0-10 and lost in our first playoff game. Our second season, we won 2 games. Every season we got better. On Monday, we won our first championship. This was our 6th season together as a team. I was reflecting back on our journey and wrote down a few things I learned about teamwork along the journey. I thought I’d share them with you!

Winning Teams Believe They Can Win – This sounds simple, but it’s not always easy to convince everyone on the team that a team can realistically win it all. Until everyone on the team is entirely convinced it can do anything, your team will struggle and be held back from reaching its full potential!

Winning Teams Need Attitude Captains – Every team has players who will complain and see the worst in every situation. It takes an “attitude captain” to make sure everyone is inspired and excited about what is happening.

Winning Teams Need To Hold Each other to a High Standard – You should expect nothing but the best from your teammates! If someone starts to lower their standards, you need to confront them about it! It will make them better! Purpose to bring out the best in every player on your team!

Winning Teams Trust Each Other – If the team doesn’t trust each other, no one will be able to hold anyone to a high standard.

Winning Teams Coach Each Other – Though my personality by nature hates getting criticized and corrected, I learned to love them both while I was playing. I must have heard my teammates scream, “BUBBA! Do this ____” a million times while I was playing! At first I got embarrassed and wanted to just sit on the bench. Eventually, I learned to love it. In the long run, it made me better and I respect the people who were willing to speak the truth in love to me more than those who don’t speak up at all.

Winning Teams Need the Right Players – “Not everyone who starts the journey with you will finish the journey with you.” It is sad, but it is true. Our team only has 4 players from our original team. If you want to win, you need to get the right players on your team!

A Winning Team Realizes that the Goal is More Important than the Role – This was a hard obstacle to overcome. Who gets the most “ice” time? Who gets to play the power play? Who gets to play the last two minutes of the game? We all had to overcome selfishness and lay down our own desires for the good of the team!

A Winning Team has a Leader – Everything rises and falls on leadership. Every team needs someone to cast vision, give direction, handle problems, and make tough decisions.

A Winning Team has Fun Together – This is extremely important. If you’re not having an absolute blast journeying together, what is the point? Have fun. Make memories. Take pictures. Laugh often. That’s what it’s all about!

Have you been on a winning team before?

What qualities did that team possess that was responsible for the success of the team?


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