Time Management (Part 2)

“It’s not the hours you have left, but what you put into the hours that Count.”

I’m just going to share with you how I spend my time throughout a day, a month, and a year. I won’t be able to hit everything I do, but I hope it will add value to you.

I think it’s extremely important we evaluate how we spend our time. I would encourage you to write down everything you do in 15-30 minute increments in a one week time period. So every 15-30 minutes you write down what you’re doing. I think you’ll find that the best of us waste hours. Hours, that if used correctly, could allow us to achieve so much more.

To evaluate how you’re using that time, John Maxwell has a “3-R” Approach to evaluating your time management that I really enjoy:

  • Required – what is it that I absolutely must do no matter what
  • Return – is what I am doing going to give me a high return?
  • Rewarding – we need to be doing things we enjoy and that have a purpose

If what you’re doing isn’t required of you, doesn’t give you a high return, and isn’t rewarding . . . you should cut it out of your daily agenda!

My Agenda

Here is a list of how I spend my time daily:

  • Bubba Time – I am a morning person! I am most productive and creative in the mornings. so I block off 5 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. and only use that time for me! I have devo’s blog, read the news, read blogs, do homework, journal, evaluate my life, etc. (this is so precious)
  • “Secret Place” Time – I use this time to escape. For me it could be going for a run in the park and listening to worship music or a sermon, going to Sbux to read, watching a movie. Time where I’m away from the business of life and can “escape”
  • Grind Time – These are times where I focus on things I have to do. i.e. School, Work
  • Relational Time – These are times I attempt to get back to people through e-mail, phone calls, people I haven’t talked to in a while, etc.
  • Reflection Time – At the end of my day I always try to take time to evaluate what I did that day to see if I used my time wisely or foolishly, see what I learned, and who I helped.

These all make up my days every day…

What are some times in your life? I’d love to hear about them!


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