Tools in Your Toolbox

“The key to life is to become skillful enough to be able to do rewarding things.” -Jim Rohn

Recently, I got promoted to a position that is going to be out of my comfort zone. I’ve never done anything like it before. While in the interview process, I was seeking the advice of people I respect as to whether or not to go for the opportunity, a mentor said to me, “Doug, take it. It’s an opportunity to put more tools in your tool box.”

What great advice! She was saying that it’s an opportunity for me to learn and acquire new skills that will ultimately make me more valuable wherever I go. I’m learning that I will always need to be developing my strengths and not my weaknesses, but I’m also learning that I can learn and endless amount of skill sets as well.

In life, you get paid for what you know and what you can do. Jim Rohn said, “You must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills.”

So, why not get as many tools in your tool box as you possible can? Why not become as valuable as you could become? Learn how to code a website, become a pro at social media, learn to be an expert salesman, learn how to market and promote, the list goes on and on. The more tools in your tool box, the more valuable you’ll become.

Some questions for you to ponder:

When’s the last time you learned something for the first time?

When’s the last time you put some new tools in your tool box?

What are some skills that you could and would like to learn in the next year that will make you more valuable? What’s your plan to learn and develop them?


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