Most Read Blog Posts of 2010

The most viewed blog posts from 2010:

1. Feeling Hopeless? Find Hope this Christmas… – Stop looking for hope in all the wrong places…

2. Santa vs. Jesus – Aren’t they the same?

3. My Favorite Tony Horton Quotes – If you do P90X, this ones for you…

4. God can do a Lot with Your Little – Feel like you don’t have much to offer? Guess again . . .

5. My Filing System – I’m a nerd, but this is my system…

6. P90X Delivers: My Review of P90X – P90X rocks!

7. 100 People and Things I am Thankful For – Self explanatory!

8. Deny, Forget, Ignore, Disown, & Lose Sight of Yourself¬† – A daily challenge…

9. Get Free from Anxiety Attacks, Fear, and Worry – I got free from all of these… here is how…

10. How I lost Weight This Summer – I tried losing weight my entire life and was never successful… the one summer I lost a ton of weight… here is how!

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