Top Ten Blog Posts and Podcasts of 2014

It’s my favorite week of the year! Tomorrow I am going to start my year-end review process! I cannot wait. Once I review my year, I’ll share some of my insights on the blog.

Today, I want to share with you the most read blog posts, the most listened to Learning to Lead podcast episodes, and my most listened to messages of 2014. If you have ever read my blog or listened to my podcasts, I want to thank you. My hope and prayer is that I can add value to your life and be a small part of helping you become the person God created you to become. Thanks for being a part of my journey and allowing me to be a part of yours. Here are the lists:

Top Ten Blog Posts: This is a list of my most viewed blog posts in 2014.

  1. Respect 
  2. The Hand that You’ve been Dealt
  3. We’re Debt Free!
  4. Wax On, Wax Off
  5. P90X3 Review 
  6. Reflections on the 2014 Pittsburgh Marathon
  7. You Don’t Have to Prove Anything to Anyone 
  8. Ten Years from Now 
  9. What Should Impress You the Most about the People You Look up To 
  10. Are You Famous at Home?

Top Ten Learning to Lead Podcasts of 2014: 

  1. Episode #32: Saleem Ghubrill 
  2. Episode #29: How to Become as Productive as Possible 
  3. Episode #33: David Lassman 
  4. Episode #35: How to Develop Your Character 
  5. Episode #34: John Nuzzo 
  6. Episode #36: Matthew Geppert
  7. Episode #30: Jay Passavant 
  8. Episode #31: Making the most of Mentoring 
  9. Episode #40: Networking 101 
  10. Episode #37: 10 Lessons I’ve Learned from Running 6 Marathons

My Top Ten Listened to Messages in 2014: 

  1. Know, Love, Do 
  2. Be One of God’s Go-to’s
  3. Encouragement in the Midst of Storms by Laura Smith
  4. When God Tells You to Go
  5. The Most Important Quality You can Develop 
  6. Come and See to Come and Die 
  7. Grow Your Gift by Laura Smith
  8. Choose Joy 
  9. If I knew then what I know Now 
  10. Two Doors, Two Choices 

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