Trip Recap: Catalyst West Coast/Southern California

Ok, so it has been an insane 2 weeks – so I haven’t been able to blog nearly as much as I would have liked to… Have some catching up to do!

Going to Catalyst West Coast was unbelievable! To get to hear and meet men and women of God who are tearing it up around the world was such a privilege.  I’ll be posting a series on the top lessons I learned from Catalyst this week so stay tuned for that… for now – Here are some highlights from the trip!

  • Catalyst West Coast!
  • Seeing the Ronald Reagan Library
  • Beverly Hills
  • Hollywood (It’s a dump! You can literally see all you need to see in Hollywood in 20 minutes!)
  • Universal Studios – (pretty cool to see the behind the scenes of making movies!)
  • Seeing Santa Monica Pier
  • Spending the extended weekend with Ben Rath
  • Getting hooked on Jamba Juice!


Ben and I got to go to Universal Studios on Sunday – Fun stuff – definitely recommend the Simpsons ride! craig

I got to meet Craig Groeschel – he did the worm during his talk – awesome!

I got to meet Erwin McManus as well… He is amazing!


Yea… these guys got $4 from Ben Rath for taking a picture with him… Hilarious

zbbsThe Crew (Pastor Nathan left a day early 🙁 and wasn’t here for the picture)

Here are all the pics if you’re interested…


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