“I never feared my kids searching for the truth, even if they looked into other religions, because if what we believe is true, then they will come to know the truth and come to the same conclusion we have come to.” ~Erwin McManus

Erwin McManus just completed a series entitled, “The Truth Between Us”. The series focused on the truths between Christianity and Islam, Buddhism, Atheism, Mormonism, Judaism, Hinduism, Catholicism, and Scientology, instead of focusing on the differences. You can listen to those messages on his church’s podcast here.

The series was excellent and very eye-opening for me. One thing I admire about Erwin is his ability to connect with those who believe differently than him and ultimately lead them to Christ.

In the series, Erwin said, “What if we related to people with the truths that bring us together, rather than the differences that set us apart?”

If we are able to relate to people at the core of our humanity, then we will be in a better position to point people to God. Everybody on the planet is looking for God. We are all looking for answers, looking for purpose, and are searching for truth.

Jesus said, “I am the way, I am the truth, and I am the life.” He didn’t say I am a way, I am a truth, and I am a life. If what Jesus said is true, which I believe it is, then what everyone is ultimately looking for is Jesus.

The questions and problems that all of the religions I mentioned above are trying to solve, have already been solved by God. They are in His word. They are in a relationship with Him. However, most people have gotten turned away from Jesus because of a lot of Christians saying and doing a lot of foolish things and as a result, people stopped looking for the truth in Christianity.

Our job should be to come along side others in their search for truth and show them how God is already working in their lives.

Instead of focusing on the differences between us, let’s focus on the truths between us and help people see how God has already answered their questions and has a way to meet their biggest needs.

The truth is out there. We just need to help people find it.





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