Unleash '09 – Perry Session 2

  • 6:57 PM BubbaSmith – Waiting for session #2 with @perrynoble to begin… I’ll be back when it starts
  • 7:23 PM BubbaSmith – 7 minutes until the session starts – there will probably be some worship – I’m assuming Perry will be on at 4
  • 7:45 PM BubbaSmith – I love this song : ) – this girl can sing!
  • 7:52 PM BubbaSmith – May we never forget what God has done in our lives…that is what He longs to do in the lives of so many others
  • 8:01 PM BubbaSmith – Here we Go!
  • 8:02 PM BubbaSmith – Steven Furtick is the man…. google him and see what God is doing in and through him
  • 8:06 PM BubbaSmith – Sean just text me to see if the worship leader was single… unfortunately I believe I saw a ring on her finger!
  • 8:10 PM BubbaSmith – You will each a point where you’ll want to quit in ministry
  • 8:13 PM BubbaSmith – If you want people to buy into you – buy into your people
  • 8:14 PM BubbaSmith – How do you get people to buy into the vision? Tell them Hell won’t be able to stop me!
  • 8:15 PM BubbaSmith – Satan wants to split your staff, not your church….
  • 8:16 PM BubbaSmith – Twitpic… hahahaha
  • 8:16 PM BubbaSmith – Your senior pastor carries a weight on them that you couldn”t imagine
  • 8:18 PM BubbaSmith – The staff is depending on the Pastor not to mess things up, not to fail, etc. – pressure you couldn’t imagine and He has got to know who is with him
  • 8:19 PM BubbaSmith – Our pastor HAS to know We have his back
  • 8:21 PM BubbaSmith – Great question from Perry, “I asked my staff, if I had to start Newspring again from scratch, who would come with me?”
  • 8:23 PM BubbaSmith – Perry is telling about a story where a gay guy hit on him in the bathroom…
  • 8:24 PM BubbaSmith – I was wearing a shirt Pastor Steven Furtick gave me haha
  • 8:25 PM BubbaSmith – We need to constantly be asking ourselves – are we pleasing God?
  • 8:25 PM BubbaSmith – Exodus 33:13… God, if you’re pleased with me, teach me your ways so I may know you and find favor with you. This nation is your people…
  • 8:26 PM BubbaSmith – God won’t lead us publically if we’re not yielding to Him privately
  • 8:27 PM BubbaSmith – If God told you that you have 1 more sermon to preach – what would you preach? It should be the one you preach on Sunday
  • 8:28 PM BubbaSmith – Do your people think it was a good service or does God think it was a great service? Big difference…
  • 8:28 PM BubbaSmith – Church work = pleasing people Ministry work = pleasing God
  • 8:29 PM BubbaSmith – Do I understand that ministry is received, not achieved?
  • 8:29 PM BubbaSmith – II Cor. 4:1 – since through God’s mercy we have this ministry (wow) – why are you in ministry? The mercy of God!
  • 8:30 PM BubbaSmith – God knew every stupid mistake we’d make before He called us, and He called us anyway – that is the mercy of God
  • 8:30 PM BubbaSmith – Am I placing limits on me that God hasn’t placed on me?
  • 8:33 PM BubbaSmith – I had to refresh the website… it”s still loading – sorry
  • 8:35 PM BubbaSmith – I’m back in-thank God
  • 8:39 PM BubbaSmith – Mogulus is not running well right now… AHH!
  • 8:40 PM BubbaSmith – You can’t have attendance without repentance
  • 8:41 PM BubbaSmith – I’m getting my updates from tonymorganlive.com right now… check out updates there

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