Unleash Recap (Part 2) – The Practical

I want to focus on the practical things I learned at Unleash today. Everything I learned was practical, but  I want to focus on the systems I can implement into our ministry. Hope this adds value to you and your ministry. I went to two sessions 1.)  Triple Threat Youth Ministry with Brad Cooper (This was awesome!) and 2.) Hiring, Firing, and Creating a Staff Culture with Jason Wilson (their Executive Pastor).  Here we go:


  • Run Through an Entire Service during mock service as if you were having service
  • Worship – Use Planning Center Online – Record Tracks early in the week – send them to team
  • Countdown’s with the Series Graphic on it
  • If it doesn’t point people to service, don’t do  it!
    • They Worship, Preach the Word, and do Small Groups – Period. No events except Summer Camp
  • 2 Invitations: Salvation and Prayer – Leaders take students who raise their hands for both and either lead them to the Lord or pray with them then follow-up with them

Weekly Schedule (Youth):

  • Sunday – All staff goes  to all 4 services
  • Monday – Critique of Sunday (Brutally honest) / Focus on Area of Specialty
  • Tuesday – Plan Services 4 1/2 weeks out / Afternoon off
  • Wednesday –  A.m. Off /  Set-up tear down/ Relationships / Youth Service
  • Thursday – Critique of Service
  • Friday – Off until 5 p.m. – then Youth Service
  • Saturday – Off


1st Time Guests

  • Have Adult Leaders Escort all 1st time Guests around all night and follow up with that student
  • They have a first time guest party – the Jump off – Every 1st timer gets a wrist band that gets them in there
  • They get a letter at the 1st time guest party

Volunteer Process

  • To be a member – you have to serve
  • Observation Night
  • Interview
  • Application


  • They have staff getaways just to pursue God together
  • Evaluations every 6 months – great conversation times, feedback,  rating employees

This is just a touch of what I learned and look to implement into our ministry. I definitely recommend following Newspring and seeing what they’re doing. They’ve helped me out several times – they’re more than willing to pour into others and share anything they can that will add value to people and ministries.


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