• 12:46 PM BubbaSmith – Getting ready for the first session with @PerryNoble at 9 a.m.
  • 12:54 PM BubbaSmith – Loving the song that is playing now… 5 minutes until #Unleash begins!
  • 12:57 PM BubbaSmith – It’s amazing we can watch conferences online now – I love conferences and now I can watch them in my pajamas with a hot cup of coffee 🙂
  • 1:00 PM BubbaSmith – Here we go!!!
  • 1:02 PM BubbaSmith – Kicking off with a little worship… I’ll be back when Perry starts his talk
  • 1:08 PM BubbaSmith – 3300 people @Newspring this morning – nearly 400 online right now… Wow – executive pastor is giving announcements – he looks pretty young
  • 1:26 PM BubbaSmith – Opening video is playing… Good stuff – Perry is on stage 🙂
  • 1:27 PM BubbaSmith – Fuse (Their youth group) had 800 students last night, 105 first time guests, and 40 salvations… they’re tearing it up
  • 1:32 PM BubbaSmith – When Tony moved to Anderson he asked Perry what is fun to do in the South – Perry said “Shagging” “Shagging” in the South means dancing… “Shagging” in the North means ba-chicka-ba-wa
  • 1:33 PM BubbaSmith – Matt 16:18 – Jesus said He’ll build his church, but we often ask Him to build our Church… It’s His church, not ours… it doesn’t belong to us
  • 1:35 PM BubbaSmith – There are 3 questions in II Kings 7 the church must answer: 1.) Are we willing to embrace change?
  • 1:35 PM BubbaSmith – The gospel doesn’t change, but the church has to!
  • 1:37 PM BubbaSmith – The only excuse the church has for not reaching people is an unwillingness to change
  • 1:39 PM BubbaSmith – Every church in America is one or two changes away from seeing double their growth and seeing a move of God
  • 1:40 PM BubbaSmith – When the church becomes as valuable to us as the stock market is to us, we’ll do something about it
  • 1:41 PM BubbaSmith – If you play the organ, we’re glad you’re here, but we have nothing for you
  • 1:42 PM BubbaSmith – The only reason people are unwilling to change is because they’re married to an idea instead of being married to Jesus
  • 1:43 PM BubbaSmith – Some churches need to die..they have a choice – change or die
  • 1:45 PM BubbaSmith – If what is going on at your church is manageable – it isn’t a move of God – you can’t plan a move of God – it just happens
  • 1:47 PM BubbaSmith – Someone: “Newspring is the church where sinners go” Perry: “Dang straight- they’re all on staff!”
  • 1:51 PM BubbaSmith – “How to you teach your church to give?” You have to teach it! “But what if people leave?” The only people that will leave are the people not giving! The only people that get mad when you preach about adultery are… think about it
  • 1:52 PM BubbaSmith – Our staff got mad when we had to start doing PO’s… “We didn’t have to do them before” – Thats because we didn’t have any freakin money before!
  • 1:53 PM BubbaSmith – Other people “Perry, if I had all this at my church we’d make it” – You think this all fell out of the sky???
  • 1:54 PM BubbaSmith – If it’s God’s Will – it’s God’s bill and He’ll pay for it regardless of the economy… (and none of the CFO’s clapped)
  • 1:55 PM BubbaSmith – If you think your pastor is supposed to do everything it’s probably because you’re doing nothing!
  • 1:58 PM BubbaSmith – How did our youth ministry grow? I hired an awesome Godly youth pastor, allowed him to get a staff, and got the heck out of his way! And I don’t get anything they do
  • 2:02 PM BubbaSmith – Stop competing and being insecure… if we all do our job with our ministries every church in our cities would be full and we’d need 100 more to fill them!
  • 2:02 PM BubbaSmith – Questions #2: Are we willing to work?
  • 2:04 PM BubbaSmith – People have used prayer as an excuse for inactivity… whether it’s loosing weight or anything else
  • 2:07 PM BubbaSmith – Stop asking permission from God and start placing yourself in submission to Him… stop trying to get Him to buy into your agenda
  • 2:09 PM BubbaSmith – God called you to hurt some peoples feelings… you’re not supposed to make everyone happy
  • 2:16 PM BubbaSmith – Perry is verrrrrrry blunt hahahahaha . . . . wow hahaha you have to be watching this
  • 2:18 PM BubbaSmith – People “I want to go deeper” – You’re only as deep as the last person you served – lets check your tithing record…
  • 2:19 PM BubbaSmith – “Most people are educated beyond their obedience to God anyway” -@johncmaxwell
  • 2:20 PM BubbaSmith – Question 3.) Are you serious about reaching the world?
  • 2:21 PM BubbaSmith – In an effort to keep everyone happy – you’ll reach noone
  • 2:22 PM BubbaSmith – A church “We’re missional” -DUH! That’s like a fish saying I like water! I like Water!
  • 2:26 PM BubbaSmith – If it’s always got to be about us, then we don’t do what God called us to do
  • 2:35 PM BubbaSmith – The only churches that are critical about numbers are the churches that don’t have them
  • 2:36 PM BubbaSmith – If numbers aren’t important why are they all over the book of Acts
  • 2:36 PM BubbaSmith – I care about numbers because I was a number and God saved me and changed my life
  • 2:36 PM BubbaSmith – End of Session #1

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