Vacation 2008: Canada

Growing up I only went on one vacation to Disney World when I was 7 years old because my family could never really afford to take us on any more. I remember my dad always saying that the only advantage to being rich is that you get to eat better food and go places. When I was young I thought that was ridiculous, but as I have grown up a bit, I realize the wisdom in that statement. I wouldn’t have traded my childhood for anything in the world. I had an absolute blast! It really is true that money, traveling, and all the things in this world really cannot make you happy.

However, I also realized that having money or being rich also enables you to be a blessing to others. I always did (and still do) have a desire to travel all over the world. I’ve been very blessed throughout my life through my friendships. From 7th grade on I always had friends whose family’s would take me on vacation with them each year. I remember going to Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, and Ocean City while I was in high school. Afterwards I got to travel a lot with a family very close to me (The Steidel’s) to Bar Harbor, Maine, Washington D.C., New York, Boston, and Atlantic City over the past few years. Through the church I’ve gotten to go on two mission trips to Peru and Africa.

I am so grateful for the willingness of these people to love me unconditionally and allow me to have these experiences with them that I would have normally never had the opportunity to. They have all been life changing trips and I’ve made so many great memories with these people. As I grow older it is my prayer and desire that as time passes I will be able to take people along side me on “adventures” and open the door for them to have experiences and opportunities that they would have never normally had, for whatever reason. I am a different man today because of the unconditional love of these families!

Tonight I’ll be leaving for Canada with Cory Vogan and one of my favorite families (The Walczaks) for a few days with some great friends. I am so excited to make memories that truly will last a lifetime.

What have been some of your favorite things about vacations? Has anyone ever done anything like that for you in your life? Let me know…


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