Becoming More Valuable Over Time

“When someone tells you what you can’t be, they’re predicting a future they don’t control. They don’t know what 25, 35, 45 looks like for you.” -Henry Cloud 

Do you ever feel like you are not very valuable? Maybe you’ve been told that you’re not valuable, that you don’t matter, that you’re not gifted, or that you can’t make a difference.

You are not alone. In the Bible, we see that Paul did not find Mark to be very valuable in ministry (Acts 15:16-40So much so that he refused to take him with him on his journey

I’m sure that must have hurt Mark. I’m sure he must have felt like he didn’t measure up, that he didn’t have what it takes, and that he would never be useful to God.

However, later we find that Paul actually asks someone to bring Mark along with them because he was “very helpful for ministry.” (2 Timothy 4:11). What happened that changed Paul’s mind?

Mark had become more valuable over time.


I want to encourage you to know that you, just like Mark, are capable of becoming extremely valuable over time. Your value now does not determine your value one month, one year, or even a decade from now.

When Paul rejected Mark, Mark had a choice. He could either get bitter at Paul and allow the words that Paul spoke about him to destroy him emotionally and quit ministry all together. Or he could choose to recognize the areas he needed to grow in and become more valuable. Mark chose to become more valuable.

You will be faced with the same decision time and time again in your life. I urge you to choose to grow and to become more valuable.

As young leaders, I think we need to recognize that we have a lot of growing to do. When we’re young, God is molding and growing us into the men and women He needs us to become in order to make the difference He created us to make. We need to be willing to be wrong, willing to be told the areas we need growth in, and to be courageous enough to do something about it.

Becoming more valuable is a process and sometimes it’s painful, but it’s always worth it. The great thing is that with God, there is no limit on how valuable you’re capable of becoming!

What will you do in the next week, month, and year to become more valuable? Comment below!

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