{Video} Andy Stanley on Strengths and Weaknesses

“My fully exploited strengths are of far greater value to an organization than my marginally improved weaknesses.” -Andy Stanley



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  1. He brings up a lot of great points. I too had to learn the hard way about trying to be great at everything that I attempted to do. I sure gave it my all when I did attempt something but I found that using my strengths where so much more beneficial to the church then me trying to do something that required me to fight through weaknesses and only get subpar results. God created us all to work as one. We all have special gifts and talents that can work together and build up a church and the people in it. People just have to use their tallens and gifts and go for it! 

    1. Preach it Rob! I agree… I think as young leaders, one of the hardest temptations is to try to be good at everything, just like Andy said. I know I do. I think the key is in building a great team where everyone is using their fully exploited strengths and delegating their marginally improved weaknesses!

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