Warning: If You Pray This, It will Happen

Everyday I pray this prayer, and everyday it comes to pass:

God, I open up my heart to you today. I’ll do what you want me to do, say what you want me to say, go where you want me to go. Let the right people come across my path today so I can point them to you and lift them with your word and your love . . .

Smith Wigglesworth would not go to bed unless he had led someone to the Lord that day. That is awesome, and I’m not there yet, but I don’t want to go to bed until I have pointed someone to God. I don’t want to go to bed until I know I’ve been used by God to lift at least one life.

In his brilliant work, “Spiritual Leadership“, J. Oswald Sanders talks about interruptions he would receive during the day:

‘People would walk into my office and say: “Well, I just had two hours to kill here in between trains, and I thought I would come and see you.’ That used to bother me… Then the Lord convinced me that He sends people our way…So now I take interruptions as from the Lord. They belong in my schedule, because the schedule is God’s to arrange at His pleasure.”

Pray this prayer today – view every interaction you have today as an opportunity to point people to God. I promise you, if you’ll do this, you’ll have more opportunities than you can imagine to be a witness.


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