Little Ways to Make a Big Difference

“One small act of kindness may change the entire world, but it can point the world it in the right direction.” -Erwin McManus

When we thinking about making a difference, a lot of us dream big. We dream of changing the world, having a huge platform, reaching a generation, changing nation, etc.

However, the world often gets changed by small acts of kindness everyday. I know my life has been changed as a result of the small acts of kindness of others. Hasn’t yours? Small acts of kindness may not be sexy, but they are extremely significant.


Here are just a few ways I have found you can make a significant difference in the world on a daily basis:

  • Say hi to people walking by
  • Talk to the cashier checking you out, ask them about their day
  • Don’t litter
  • Pay for someone’s meal
  • Ask people if there is anything you can pray for them for, then actually pray for them
  • Bring someone to church
  • Pay for someones groceries
  • Hold a door open for someone
  • Give someone a book that has helped you in your journey, read it with them
  • Volunteer somewhere
  • Love your family!
  • Love your wife or husband!
  • Find someone younger than you to mentor
  • Start a small group
  • Pick-up trash on the sidewalk
  • Help people in the area of your expertise
  • Smile
  • Use social media to encourage people
  • Create memories for people wherever you go, find a way to make moments memorable
  • Write a note of encouragement to a friend
  • Live for God
  • Don’t lie to anyone, if you do lie to someone, tell them you lied to them and ask for forgiveness
  • Text or call a friend just to check in with them
  • Let someone into your life
  • Give your clothes away to someone who can’t afford to buy high-end brand clothes
  • Give someone a high-five
  • Give someone your undivided attention
  • Take pictures with people and post them on social media, compliment them

In summary, be a light wherever you go. Choose to live on purpose. Choose to make a difference in everything you do. Always be open for God to speak to you and use you in any way he would like. I have found that the more open you are to being used by God, the more He will use you. Often, He’ll speak to you about little things that may seem insignificant, but can make a huge difference. If you’ll be obedient with the little things, God will take care of the big things.

What are some other small ways you can make a significant difference in the world today?

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