What are you Gifted at?

29For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. – Romans 11:29

God has given everyone gifts, talents, and a call on their lives that cannot be taken away. I’ve been thinking a lot about giftings lately. What they’ve done for me, how to develop them, and recognizing what I’m not gifted at.

People that wonder what they should do with their lives (their calling) can usually figure it out by 2 things:

1.) Their Passion – What do you think about everywhere you go? What sets you “on fire”?

2.) Their Gifting – What are you good at?

Today I just want you to focus on figuring out what you’re gifted at:

What are you good at that you love to do?

What do other people say your good at?

What do you do better than 95% of other people?

I encourage you to buy some books on finding your strengths and take some personality tests. Become a student of yourself. If you’re going to be successful at all in life – you have to know your strength zone (your gifting).


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