What Experiences and Opportunities are You Giving Away?

Giving Away Experiences and Opportunities Will Produce Vision in Others

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for vacation in North Carolina – so pumped! I’m going with a family that offered to take me for free. A free vacation… Such a blessing. It got me thinking though… This family is choosing to love me and allowing me to have an experience that I wouldn’t have been able to have on my own. Here is what I know about Experiences and Opportunities in my life:

  • Because someone introduced me to Starbucks, I now enjoy the Starbucks experienceDSCF0826
  • Because people have taken me on vacation with them I’ve been to places I would have never gone in my life: NYC, Chicago, Bar Harbor, Maine, DC, etc.
  • Because someone gave me an opportunity to speak and develop my gifting, I’m now able to speak to large audiences often.
  • Because people modeled what an awesome Godly family looks like, I now have a vision of how I’ll raise my family.
  • Because someone was willing to share Christ with me, I’m now able to experience God everyday.

These experiences and opportunities all expanded my vision for my life. My vision for what life could be like, what a relationship with God could be like, what wearing nice clothes would be like, what raising a Godly family would be like, what annual vacations with my family would be like,  the list goes on and on.Edit Post ‹ BubbaSmith.net — WordPress

What’s my point? Some people have never experienced a cup of coffee at Starbucks, have never been on vacation, have never owned a pair of nice clothes, have never got to use their gifting, have never seen what a healthy family looks like, or have ever experienced God in their lives.

All too often we take these things for granted, not recognizing that if we’d share our experiences with people or giving them an opportunity that they wouldn’t normally have, that we’d increase their vision for their life and ultimately, their quality of life.

Imagine someones life being changed forever cause you shared Christ with them or someone getting a vision for their future,  or career, or family, etc. because you shared your own experiences with them. Imagine someone changing the world with their gifting because you gave them a chance to use it. Is there any greater privilege?

What experiences are you sharing? What opportunities are you giving?


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  1. Don't be so sure that everyone actually needs God. Don't feel sorry for them. Some of us need to have a faith beyond some of us don't. Never force religion on someone who doesn't want it. You can suggest, but let them decide without pressure.

  2. Hey Manhattan,

    I can promise you I've never forced religion or relationship with God on anyone. I've never pressured anyone to make a decision and I don't plan to.

    However, I will unashamedly tell people about God and how amazing a relationship with Him can be. Whether or not people choose to believe it, is entirely up to them. My job is simply to proclaim it, not to prove that God exists, or force anything!

    Also, I am sure that everyone needs God… when you say that some of us need to have faith beyond and some don't, I really think you're missing the larger picture. Everyone has faith in something… they either have faith that there is a creator or that there isn't. I think it takes more faith to believe that everything happened to come into existence by chance rather than on purpose.

    The bigger picture though, is beyond faith (or a belief in God), it's about developing a relationship with Him. When I say I feel sorry for people that have never experienced God, I feel that way because if people lived one day in the life that God has provided to us, they would never look back. It really is an entirely different level of living, and nothing compares to it. But people will never know that until they actually have an experience (relationship) with God.

    Anyway… hope this shows you more of my heart….


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