What I Learned at Cedar Point

Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever been to Cedar Point. We took our youth group and had an amazing time! It was the best amusement park I’ve ever been to! I have to go again!

Anyway… One thing as I’ve mentioned before that I love doing when I’m around large groups of people is just observe them! What interests people, excites them, angers them, etc. I just want to share some thoughts I have about people that I learned at Cedar point:

  • Every human being craves relationships, excitement, adventure, and risk.
  • People will wait hours on end and be willing to be uncomfortable in order to experience these things…
  • People will pay a lot more money than they should to have that experience
  • A ton of older women wear clothing that if they knew how they actually looked… they’d never wear!
  • I am convinced that 98% of teenagers should not date until they’re in their twenties!

Just some thoughts from my adventure… I’ll continue on personal growth soon…


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