What If?

In my interview with Sean Ammirati, we talked about what Larry Page calls, “Moon shot thinking.” Moon shot thinking is simply taking your dreams and asking yourself how they could be 10x bigger!

Larry Page often encourages people to not just think, “How can our organization get 5-10% better this year?” He encourages people to think, “How can we get 10x better?”

In Sean’s book, he used the following quote by Larry: “ It turns out most people haven’t been educated in moon shot thinking.” In other words, most people dream way to small for their lives.  

When I asked Sean how he encourages people to dream bigger, he said, “It’s often not that much more work to shoot for something that much more significant than you are targeting.

If that is the case, then why don’t we allow ourselves to 10x dreams for our lives? When it comes down to it, I think we don’t dream big dreams because of fear.

  • We fear that if we shoot for something big, we’ll never accomplish it, and we’ll end up looking like a failure.
  • We fear what other people will think if we dream big and go for it.
  • We fear that our dreams are selfish and shallow.
  • Fill in your fear _________


I want to give your permission to dream big for your life by playing the “What if…” game. I want to you take your journal or notebook, and just starting “What-if’s?” on your journal. Nobody needs to see it, so dream big! What would your life look like if you were dreaming 10x dreams?

I did this exercise a while ago and here are some things I wrote down:

  • What if we had a marriage that lasted over 50+ years (a lifetime)?
  • What if we devoted our lives to developing thousands of leaders who would lead for Christ in all sectors of society?
  • What if we raised children that changed the world? 
  • What if L3 Leadership became a national organization? 
  • What if we helped people dream big and get rid of the roadblocks in their life? What could they accomplish? 
  • What if God was able to use my life completely for His purposes? 
  • What if I became a best-selling author and my books added value to millions of people? 
  • What if I stayed in shape and ate well my entire life? 
  • What if the L3 Leadership podcast had over 1 million downloads? 
  • What if we owned a house large enough to host “Cadre” like events? 
  • What if I was able to add value to world-class leaders?
  • What if we created an organization that could take care of people’s families?
  • What if we adopted a child?
  • What if we led thousands to Christ?
  • What if we were able to give millions of dollars away to the Kingdom of God? 
  • What if I was able to speak at some of the largest conferences in then world? 

These are some of the big dreams in my heart. I hope that a few years down the road that these seem small in comparison to the dreams I have then. We only get one shot at this life, so we might as well dream big!

What are some of your what if’s? Once you develop your list, I will encourage you with the same words my father-in-law consistently encourages me with, “Dream big and go for it!

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Once you have your list of what could be, go for it!

Thoughts? Comment below! 

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