What If?

What if you pursued God with all of your heart?

What if you refused to live a normal life?

What if you determined to dream big and go for it?

What if you went in a totally different direction with your life than the direction you’re headed right now?

What if you started a business? What if you wrote a book?

What if you moved to another city, state, or country?

What if you knew in 10 years, you would be doing something completely different than you’re doing now and the people that are in your life right now aren’t in your life any more?

What if you earned and saved enough money in life that you could do anything you want to do?

What if I only had a few years left with the ones I love most? How would the time I spend with them change?

What if you started a business, non-profit, or ministry that helped hundreds and thousands of people?

What if you stopped caring about what people think about you?

What if you started serving in your church or at a local non-profit?

What if you took that vacation?

What if you worked a little harder? What if you put a little more time in?

What if you did more than you get paid for?

What if you traveled the world?

What if you left your job for a new one?

What if you spent more time with your family?

What if you pursued a job that your passionate about rather than a job that just pays the bills?

What if you asked the most successful people you know to mentor you?

What if you got in the best shape of your life right now (regardless of what age you are)?

What would you do if you knew you only had 5 years to live? What would you do differently?

 Never stop dreaming. Never stop asking questions. Never stop asking, “What if . . . ?”




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