What I'm Learning in 2011

I am a student of life. I am a student of my life. I am always looking for lessons in everything. Thus, I am always learning something. However, each year, it seems like God teaches me a few things that stick with me for the long haul. I thought I’d share of few things I am learning this year:

If God is with you, Nothing can stop you. – This has been huge for me. It’s helped me with insecurities. I am learning to truly find my value and worth in God. If my worth is wrapped up in anything other than the fact that God is with me, my life will eventually fall apart when whatever I find my security is in ceases to exist in my life.

God is Bigger than Any Person, Place, Church, Or Organization – This was a huge lesson for me. Huge. Monumental! For me, I found so much value in where I worked, who I hung out with, who I got mentored by, etc. The vision I had for my life was limited by how big I was making my current circumstances instead of how big I was making God. No matter what you’ve been a part of or who you’ve hung around, God can take you higher!

There is a Business Side to Ministry – My future father-in-law asked me what I think God is teaching me at my new job at Light of Life. I started thinking of a ton of lessons I’m learning. He said to me, “Bubba, I think God is trying to teach you the behind the scenes of what it takes to run a successful ministry. While I had always been on the ministering side, now I get to see how the ministry is able to happen! 

There is Nothing That Can Hold me Back from the will of God for my Life – For a period of time, I let bitterness poison me. I got bitter toward people, which eventually led to me getting bitter toward God. Then I read the Bait of Satan, by John Bevere. It was a life changing book. He said, “There is no man, woman, devil, demon, or anything else that can hold you back from the will of God for your life.” That statement set me free.

God Can Bring You to a Place Where Life is Better than it Has Ever Been – I am in a place, where I can honestly say that life is better than it’s ever been. That doesn’t mean life isn’t tough, I don’t ever feel like giving up, and that I am never tempted to become depressed. However, when you’re putting God first, He will give you peace in the midst of any storm. He’ll give you the strength to overcome anything. That is the place where I am living now. It’s wonderful.

To Be the Leader I want to be, I need to Have the Ability to have Crucial Conversation I blogged about this yesterday.

What lessons are you learning in 2011?


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