6 Things Servers at Restaurants Wish You Knew

8 Months ago I picked up a side job being a sever at Houlihans. When my manager interviewed me he said, “I believe everyone needs to work as a server at some point in their lives.” 8 months later . . . I’m not sure I’d say everyone needs to, but I will say that as a server, you can definitely learn a lot of lessons about life. Here are some I’ve learned:houlihans

6 Things Servers Wish People Knew

  • We Make $2.83 an hour and depend on Tips for the rest of our income – When I was in High School, I didn’t tip people. I was totally ignorant how dependent servers are on tips. Be a blessing to your server!
  • We Make Mistakes, Be Understanding – We do our best to create an excellent experience for you, if we mess something up, it wasn’t intentional, it was accidental. How do you want to be treated when you mess up?
  • 20% is the New 15% – This could be wrong, but I’ve noticed that anything less than a 20% is disappointing! (I recognize that the server should deserve it though!)
  • Don’t Stay at Your Table for 5 Hours – Servers make money by moving tables. We want you come to and enjoy yourself and have a great experience, but keep in mind that the average server will have 3-4 tables. If you occupy one for 4 hours, that’s 3-4 tables that could have come and went and left us with tips. Be mindful!
  • Christians Rarely Represent God – you can pray at your table, speak blessings over your server, and a handful of other things, but IF YOU LEAVE A BAD TIP – you discredit anything you’ve done or said. You end up pointing people away from God.
  • Servers are People with Real Lives – this does not excuse poor service on the servers part, but most people think servers are just someone they can devalue. Please keep in mind that they have a personal life to and could be having the worst day of their life – be an encouraging customer, not one who will tear a server down.

Any servers out there? What are some things you wish people knew about you?


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