What makes a great teacher? (I need your opinion!)

QUESTION 1(Answer in the comment Section) – When you think of teachers that made an impact in your life – what qualities enabled them to do that? What made them a great teacher?

Question 2 – When you think of teachers that wasted your time – what qualities did the possess that made the class a waste of time? What are some qualities that teachers should never have if they want to be effective?


I’ve been wanting to do a series on qualities of great teachers for a while now. Since I’ve finished most of my formal education, I often find myself looking back on the experience. I can probably name on both hands the number of teachers that I thought made a class worthwhile and had an impact on my life. I’m convinced that the teacher will make or break the class as well as the subject.

Teachers have the ability to change lives forever – my question is – why can most people only name 5-10 teachers that had that kind of impact on their lives? Teachers are missing it! They have an opportunity to influence students in a way a lot of us never will… I’m convinced that teachers are able to learn how to become a great teacher – that is why I want to write this series… I’ll take your thoughts and put them into the series!

I’m looking forward to your thoughts!


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  1. A great teacher is someone who will do everything they can to help you succeed. It isn't just about facts and figures, but how to win in life and how to impact the lives of others.

    A bad teacher is one who makes teaching a career and could careless if a stdent succeeds or fails.

  2. Interesting topic! I've definitely been thinking a lot about this since starting college. Here goes…

    A great teacher shows interest in what they're teaching, as well as interest in the student's education. I was never really interested in history until I had an amazing teacher who absolutely loved it! And it showed! He had so much knowledge and spoke about it in an intriguing way that made me want to know more. If the teacher isn't interested in it, how can the students be? It was a tough class, and many complained, but the challenge made the information stick in my head. Also, the teacher has to genuinely want to help the students succeed in the class and life as well. When I was younger, believe it or not, I was even quieter (haha) and never asked for help. The best teachers always made an effort to ask me what I needed help in and provided one-on-one help when they could. They need to be effective communicators and love what they're doing!

  3. The not-so-great teachers, in my experience, throw tons of information at you and expect you to understand right off the bat. They may be knowledgeable, but show no interest in helping you understand. Basically, they don't teach, explain, or communicate well. I despised physics because my teacher talked in a monotone voice, read the information, and never explained anything. When we asked questions, he never answered in a way that made sense. Physics was so frustrating!! I actually might have liked it if he had made an effort to teach us and make it applicable to our lives. They aren't interested and don't put forth effort, so the students don't either.

    I could probably write more, but that should do. Can't believe I had to divide my comment!! Lol.

  4. The difference between a life spent sowing seeds in others and a life lived selfishly is a life that is remembered verses a life that is forgotten. The teachers that invest their life to see their students do greater things than themselves are the teachers we remember. Their success not measured by their achievements as teachers, but by the achievements of those they teach. These teachers are rare in that they don't just give what they know or have, but they give who they are.

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