What makes a great teacher? (I need your opinion!)

QUESTION 1(Answer in the comment Section) – When you think of teachers that made an impact in your life – what qualities enabled them to do that? What made them a great teacher?

Question 2 – When you think of teachers that wasted your time – what qualities did the possess that made the class a waste of time? What are some qualities that teachers should never have if they want to be effective?


I’ve been wanting to do a series on qualities of great teachers for a while now. Since I’ve finished most of my formal education, I often find myself looking back on the experience. I can probably name on both hands the number of teachers that I thought made a class worthwhile and had an impact on my life. I’m convinced that the teacher will make or break the class as well as the subject.

Teachers have the ability to change lives forever – my question is – why can most people only name 5-10 teachers that had that kind of impact on their lives? Teachers are missing it! They have an opportunity to influence students in a way a lot of us never will… I’m convinced that teachers are able to learn how to become a great teacher – that is why I want to write this series… I’ll take your thoughts and put them into the series!

I’m looking forward to your thoughts!