What Makes a Great Teacher (Part 2)

1NOT MANY of you should become teachers, my brethren, for you know that we [teachers] will be judged by a higher standard and with greater severity [than other people; thus we assume the greater accountability and the more condemnation].

James 3:1

The Significance of Being a Teacher

I want to focus this week on what makes a great teacher and what makes the bad ones. I don’t want you to limit you’re thinking in this series to only think of teachers as people who instructs in a school or university. I will be focusing more on those types of teachers but in reality, we’re all teachers and we’re all teaching something everyday to someone. If you carry influence in someones life you’re a teacher and I believe you’ll benefit from this series – so here we go!

I want you to think of a few of the teachers that have made a positive impact in your life. Think about how your life is different today because of the investment they’ve made in your life.

Now think of a teacher who has a negative impact on your life. How has that impact influences who you are and how you live today?

When asked who were some of the biggest influence’s in his life other than his father, John Maxwell’s linsisted that his 5th grade teacher was one of the most influential people in his life. Why? Because she was the first person to ever tell John that he was a leader. He is now 62 and he still thinks about the impact that teacher made in his life in 5th grade with just a few words.

Zack Blair shared a story about how his 6th grade teacher told him that he was going to be a failure in life and how that stuck with him for years. I’ve had very similar experiences when I was in middle school. Negative things spoken into my life that stuck with me and developed a belief system in my heart that I made decisions from. In other words, every decision I made came from believing that I was a failure in life.

I wanted to shared these stories to show you how significant the role a teacher is. As a teacher you’re literally helping mold and form people into the people they will become 5, 10, 15 years down the road, possibly even the rest of their lives! Every word you speak, every minute you spend with someone, and everything you do has an impact on your students. The impact will either be positive or negative, if you don’t recognize this – you’ll never be a great teacher.

The truth is that your position and role as a teacher automatically enables you to be a life changer. Whether or not you change someones life for the better is entirely up to you. I’m going to share some principles over the next few days that I believe if a teacher will take them and apply them – they’ll constantly be influencing students to become better than they are.

Check out this video – I hope it sparks a vision in your heart on taking the role of a teacher seriously. People are depending on us to be the teachers God called us to be. They’re counting on us to be a difference maker in their lives!


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