What Makes a Great Teacher (Part 4) – Bad Teachers

1NOT MANY of you should become teachers, my brethren, for you know that we [teachers] will be judged by a higher standard and with greater severity [than other people; thus we assume the greater accountability and the more condemnation].

James 3:1

What Makes a Bad Teacher

When I was in college I’d give teachers what I called the “One Week Test”. If they didn’t capture my attention in the first week of the class – I’d blow the entire class off for the semester. I’d actually choose to sit in the back and I’d read books in the back while that teacher taught. Looking back, that wasn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever done, but often it was a more beneficial use of my time then actually paying attention. (If I could go back, I’d respect the teacher and be attentive regardless of how I feel. It actually was a bad witness and very disrespectful – I wish I would have realized that earlier) The truth is though, a lot of classes as a result of the teacher are a waste of the student’s time – so what are some characteristics of a poor teacher? Here we go:

Bad Teachers Don’t Take Ownership – they read line upon line of what they’re supposed to. They never bring it into real life – the might as well use a tele-prompter. They never own their subject!

Bad Teachers Lack Passion – I can tell in 2 minutes if you’re passionate about what you’re doing or not, I ended up giving the teachers a week! If you’re not passionate about it – why are you doing it?

Bad Teachers Don’t Care About the Advancement of Their Students – they are there for the paycheck. These teachers don’t take one minute all semester to actually pour into their students lives – UGH!

Bad Teachers Give Everyone A’s – Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE these teachers ha-ha -but it isn’t real life. No One gets all A’s in life, these teachers rarely made me better…. bad teachers never challenge their students.

Bad Teachers Don’t Believe in Themselves – this one is sad because students take full advantage of this. If the teacher doesn’t believe in him/her self – they’ll never make a difference and students will run them over.

Bad Teachers “Know it All” and Expect Their Students to as Well – this ticks me off! Teachers that have been teaching the same principles for 30 years and expect you (after being exposed to it once) to get it. Get a clue – these teachers make students feel worthless.

Bad Teachers Talk Down and Talk Negative to their Students – There is a difference between criticism and constructive criticism. If you’re a teacher and you tell a student they’re a failure or stupid – you should be slapped! That could ruin someones life forever!



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