What My Friends Have Been Teaching Me Lately

Isn’t it amazing that friends can change our lives just by something they say mid conversation? That happens a lot to me! Here are some sweet things my friends have taught me without even realizing it:

Zack Blair “Surround Yourself with People that Scare You”– This has helped me so much – get people around me who know so much more than I do that they scare me and have them invest in me. It’s taking me to another level.

Chris Martin “Be the best ____ (Your name or ministry) “Bubba Smith” You can Be – It’s so easy to try to be those you idolize isn’t it? I’m learning who I am and how to become the best Bubba I can be, regardless of what others think.

Mike Steidel “Be a Great #2”– Being a youth assistant puts me in a support role of my pastor. I’m really enjoying learning how I can add value to him by serving him and being a great number 2 guy.

Laura Steidel “You’re Loved for Who You Are, Not What You Do”– This is changing my life. So often, I try to cover up insecurities in my life by accomplishing things. It’s very hard for me to find my value in who I am, instead of what I do, but I’m determined to get there!

Nathan Hurst “What are You Doing to Making Yourself Indispensable?” – I’m recognizing that I’m moving beyond a level in leadership where I can just lead by passion. I need to start developing skills and actually build teams, people, etc. in order to take the next step. I’m excited for this next season!

What have your friends been teaching you?


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