What You Have Control Over and What You Don't

A great lesson you can learn in life is there are some things you had no control over and there are a lot of things you have complete control over. If we will learn to separate the two, we’ll be better equipped to live the lives God intended us to live.

You Don’t Have Control Over:

  • Whether or not you were born
  • When you were born
  • Where you were born
  • What you look like
  • Who your parents are
  • Where you grew up
  • How you parents raised you
  • What grade school you went to
  • What happens to you
  • How others treat you

Maybe you didn’t like how your parents raised you, maybe you didn’t like where you grew up, maybe you don’t like what you look like… whatever it is that happened to you that you had no choice in, accept it and move on.

We may not have had a choice in what has happened to us, but the reality is, we can choose to accept what we cannot control and focus on what the things we can control.

Be grateful that you were born. Be grateful for what you look like. Be thankful that your parents raised you and did the best they knew how. Be grateful for the things you had no control over.

The key to dealing with the things we don’t have control over is to completely surrender those things to God and recognize that God knows what He is doing!

“I didn’t choose to be born, but I am sure glad I was.” -Bill Cosby

You Do Have Control Over:

  • Your attitude
  • Your actions
  • How you react to things that happen to you
  • What you will do with your life
  • Who you will be friends with
  • Who you allow to influence you
  • Who you marry
  • Where you go
  • To be a student of life or not
  • To stand up and make a difference
  • To pursue a relationship with God
  • To make the world a better place¬†
  • If you will work hard or be lazy
  • If you will be in shape or not
  • If you eat healthy or eat everything in sight

We have a lot more control over our lives than we think we do. The choices we make in life matter. The choices we make will determine the future we will live in.

As John Wooden said, “There is a choice that you have to make, in everything you do. So keep in the mind that in the end, the choice you make, makes you.”

Choose wisely.




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