What's Going on This Fall

This post has a two fold purpose – I’ll be listing some things I’m doing this Fall that I’m excited about… then I want to hear from you about some cool things you have going on in the Fall. Why? Because I love new experiences and maybe there is something you do that I’ve never heard of before and could be missing out on. So here is my Fall:

Wicked – I am actually going to see Wicked tomorrow!! Victory has a theater group that goes to a a bunch of shows and goes to dinner before hand. It’s a great way to meet people from church, get dinner and get to see a show! Three of my favorite things! I’ve wanted to see Wicked for a long time…I’ll post my critique tomorrow night!

The Great Race – this is actually tomorrow as well. It’s an awesome 10k race in downtown Pittsburgh. I am running it with Pastor Larry and Chris Bise. It’s a lot of fun, an easy run, and it’s for a good cause.

Chicago Marathon – You’ve heard enough about this for me… it’s only 2 weeks away! Woot! I’ll post on this later – but if you’d like to follow PL and I via texting for the marathon click here.

The Cadre: Atlanta – I have the privilege of being mentored by Jeanne Mayo and I’ll get to go to Atlanta twice this year to her house! I am so excited! I’ll be heading down for a Sunday-Thursday visit in mid-November!

Things I want to do/Looking Forward To:

  • Christmas Carole – I love Christmas time… looking forward to this if I can go
  • Victory – We have some sweet things coming up for the Fall as well at church…so pumped!
  • Rev – we have a sweet Fall lined up for Revolution!
  • Hayrides and Haunted Houses
  • Harry Potter 6 – Don’t get mad… I’ve enjoyed the first 5… can’t not see the last two! If you see me carrying around a broom… then you can start getting on me.

What are you doing this Fall? Any good movies coming out? Any good shows you would recommend? Lets all hang out! haha


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