When's The Last Time You Got Stretched?

“Get all the advice and instruction you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life.” –Proverbs 19:20

I just got back from a training to become a Making it Count Speaker. Man did I get stretched! To make a long story short, I had to memorize 2 presentations and present them before trainers (who are all veterans with the company) along with the other speakers trying out. I felt like I was in front of Simon trying out for American Idol!

Did I mention I was probably the youngest one there?  Everyone else consisted of professional actors, professional speakers, pastors, business owners, teachers, etc… A ton of talent was in the room…just a little intimidating – So what did I learn through the process??? SOME VALUABLE LESSONS!

– Speaking in front of other professional speakers and having them critique my communication skills was very humbling, but they did it in love and gave me things to work on that will make me better. I’m so glad they were willing to be honest with me.

2.) To Check the Source of Compliments – We should want complimented by people who do what we do. That should actually encourage us more than someone who is just saying “good job” because they appreciate our gifting.

3.) Our Gifts Need Challenged – When was the last time you were actually stretched in the area of your gifting? It took this weekend to realize it’s been a while for me.  If it’s been a while for you, I strongly recommend you do something to get out of your comfort zone.

4.) I Need Coaches, You need Coaches – Definitely want to start pursuing coaches in the areas of communicating and writing… anyone have any contacts that would be good?  If you’re gifted in an area – find a coach in that area, no matter how good you think you are.



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