Who Could You Become?


I read this story by Mark Twain recently and it blessed me:

A man died and met Saint Peter at the gates of Heaven.

Recognizing the saint’s knowledge and wisdom, he wanted to ask him a question.

“Saint Peter,” he said, “I’ve been interested in military history for many years. Tell me, who was the greatest general of all time?”

Peter quickly responded, “O, that is a simple question. It’s that man right over there.”

The man looked where Peter was pointing and answered, “You must be mistaken. I knew that man on earth and he was just a common laborer.”

“That’s right,” Peter remarked, “But he would have been the greatest general of all time-if he had been a general.”

-Mark Twain

You don’t get to do life over again. You get one shot. Make sure you’re doing what you love, what you’re passionate about, and what you’re gifted at. Once you find what that is, be the best you can possibly be and watch what God will do in your life!

Who could you become if you follow your passion?


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