Who Inspires & Infuences You?

Who inspires you? Who influences you? Someone does. So many things we do in life are the result of the inspiration & influence of someone else. It could be something they said, something they did, something they wrote, or somewhere they went.

Because of the inspiration of others, I’ve set goals, traveled to certain places, ran a marathon, do P90X, eat a certain way, listen to certain artists, blog, have a bucket list, have certain items on my bucket list, manage my time, use my social media strategy, dream, & live my life.

I can also say that because of the inspiration and influence of others I’ve: done drugs, got drunk, made horrible decisions, etc.

However, that won’t be the focus of this post, this post will be focused on inspiring and influencing for good.

When I think of who inspires me and influences me for good on a daily basis I think of:

FinanciallyDave Ramsey, John Walczak, Mike Steidel,

Leadership John Maxwell, John Nuzzo, Larry Bettencourt, Zack Blair, Jessi Marsh, John Walczak

Lifestyle: Ben Rath, The Steidel Family, David and Natalie Rice

Blogging: Michael Hyatt, John Saddington, Jeff Goins

Ministry: John Nuzzo, Larry Bettencourt, Zack Blair, Keith Moore, Kenneth Hagin, Craig DeBower

Networking: Larry Bettencourt, Cindy Shafer

Relationships: Zack and Lauren Blair, Larry and Kim Bettencourt

Family Life: The Steidel Family, The Bettencourt Family, The Moore Family

Fitness: Carl Deikler, Tony Horton, Michelle Myers, David Faulk, Matt Crummy

Travel: Mike Steidel

If you notice, the people who inspire us and influence are the ones we allow to shape our lives and experiences.If you show me who inspires you, I’ll show you what your life is going to turn out like. Where I am today is a result of the inspiration & influence I’ve received from the people above.

Inspiration and influence can come through many channels: one one one, a book, a cd, social media, a blog, a sermon, someone’s example, etc.

My question to you is, #1.) Who is inspiring and influencing who you are becoming and what you do with your life?

And the better question . . . 2.) Who are you inspiring and influencing, for good? Who’s life is better because YOUR in it? Who are you inspiring to dream? To go for it? To live their best life? To get drug free? To live for God?

Use every means you can to inspire & influence others! Meet with people one one one, live an interesting life, live for God, use social media, mentor others, write book or a blog, preach a sermon, create audio lessons!


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