Why I came home from Camp…

Hey Everyone – I just wanted to update everybody on what happened when I went to camp and why I came home.

Saturday Night – I started getting chest pains throughout the night and could not sleep. (I stayed up and googled a bunch of things and that did nothing but put a lot of fear in me!)

Sunday – I “sucked  it up” during the day Sunday, but at night the pain got really bad and I ended up going to the ER. They took several tests including: urine, blood, chest x-rays, and a cat scan. They ruled out all of the big things (i.e. heart attack,  clot, etc.) They concluded that I tore some muscles that I don’t normally use in my chest, gave me some pain killers, and sent me home.

Monday – In the morning I felt good… late afternoon into the evening I felt horrible and ended up going to a different hospital to get a second opinion.  I also wanted to see if I could fly home.  They checked out the results of my tests and confirmed again that it looked like torn muscles. (The pain was so bad I could barely walk… they confirmed that it could feel comparable to getting shot – it did!) Then they gave me Morphine (that stuff is crazy! I won’t even say anything else about it). That enabled me to sleep through the night and fly home in the morning.

Tuesday/Wednesday/Today – I flew home and stayed  with the Steidel family. They took great care of me! I felt better those two days than I did any other  day. Right now, I feel pretty good – there is still minimal chest pain, but overall I feel like I’m recovering quickly. The challenge is resting and doing nothing as opposed to going to work, running, etc.

So it seems that I’m on the quick path to recovering… I’ll keep you all updated via Twitter.

Thanks for all your prayers and support! I love you guys!



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