Why Not You?

One of the great stories from the Super Bowl this year was Seattle’s Quarterback, Russell Wilson. After winning the Super Bowl, he shared with the world a story about how he got there.

He said that, growing up, his dad always used tell him, “Russell, why not you?”

Russell said that to him that meant,Believe in yourself. Believe in the talent God’s given you. Even though you are 5’11. You can go a long ways. That is why I decided to play football.”

His dad gave him the confidence he needed to pursue his dreams.


I was recently listening to an interview that Success Magazine did with Jack Welch. In the interview, Jack referred to Russell’s story. He said, “What Russell’s father did for him, my mother did for me. She would always say to me, “Jack, why not you?” Even with my speech impediment, she would always tell me, “The reason you talk like that is because you are so smart that your brain works faster than your mouth!” I believed her!”

She gave Jack the confidence he needed to pursue his dreams.

One common thread that I am seeing in all successful people’s lives is that they had someone come alongside of them and tell them, “Why not you?” They had someone give them the confidence they needed to realize that they could do anything. They gave them the courage to pursue their dreams.

Maybe you have never had someone come along side of you and tell you, “Why not you?”

I want to do that for you today.

Why not you? 

  • Why not you having a good marriage?
  • Why not you having a great life?
  • Why not you being financially independent?
  • Why not you achieving your dreams?
  • Why not you having a great relationship with God?
  • Why not you getting the promotion?
  • Why not you becoming the CEO?
  • Why not you starting a successful company?
  • Why not you planting a church?

Dream big and go for it. Seriously. There is no reason you can’t do the things you’re dreaming of. Stop letting fear hold you back. Just go for it. Why not you?

Action steps: 

  • Write down all of your goals. Dream big. Write things down that you would be amazed by if you actually did them
  • Pull out that list everyday, go over each goal and ask yourself, “Why not me?” Start to believe that you are capable of achieving those things.
  • Take small action steps daily to make progress through your goals.

After a few days, weeks, and months of doing that, you’ll start to get it. You’ll start asking yourself with boldness and confidence, “Why not me?” When you get to that point, you are on your way to achieving great things.

Why not you? 


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