Some Will, Some Won't, So What?

I was having coffee with a friend on Thursday. We were sharing our goals with each other and encouraging each other to go and do them.

Of course, one obstacle to pursuing your goals and dreams  is worrying about the who will not like what you are doing and will not think you are capable of doing it.

As we we were discussing the fear of what people think, my friend shared one of his favorite quotes with me. He said, “Some will, some won’t, so what?” 


I love that. The reality is, some people will love what you are doing, cheer you on, and take the journey with you. Others will be naysayers and critique you along the way. So what? Do it anyway!

Seth Godin speaks a lot about overcoming this fear which he calls, “the resistance”. Here is a link to one of my favorite posts that Seth wrote on this topic. In the article, he says  that we have to become very comfortable with telling skeptics and critics, “It’s not for you.”

What you want to do will not be everyone. So when you come along someone who doesn’t get what you are doing, just says, “It’s not for you…” and move on. If you have been critiqued by someone and can’t get their voice out of your head, remind yourself, “What I am doing isn’t for them.”

If you have a dream in your heart that you are waiting to pursue but you keep letting the fear of what people will think hold you back, just remember that some people will love what you do and some won’t. So what?

Do your work for you and the people who will love it. Ignore the critics and skeptics. 

Now, what are you waiting for? Go make something happen.

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