The Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit Day 2 Recap

Another Leadership Summit has come to a close. This year’s conference was incredible. If you are ever able to, I cannot encourage you enough to attend this event. Below are my highlights from Day 2. In case you missed my highlights from day 1, you can read those here. Enjoy!


Joseph Grenny

  • Anytime you find yourself stuck in a relationship, stop and ask: What crucial conversations are we not holding or not holding well?
  • The way to avoid crucial conversations is to ave a meaningless life!
  • How are you acting differently as a result of the relationship with someone whom you think of negatively?
  • Two options with Crucial Conversations: 1.) Talk it out 2.) Act it out
  • Myth: You have to choose between telling the truth and keeping a friend
  • Crucial conversations held well can be a source of intimacy and trust in a relationship
  • The Bible is a book of Crucial Conversations
  • The quality of your influence, productivity, marriage, diversity, quality, and safety all depend on the ability to have crucial conversations.
  • People don’t get defensive based on what you’re saying, they get defensive based on what they think the intent of what you’re saying is.

Erica Ariel Fox 

  • Performance Gap – the difference between what you do at your best and what you actually do in real life
  • You need to identify the performance gaps and systematically develop yourself to close them

Don Flow

  • My company will not be more truthful or graceful than I am
  • Never advantage yourself to the disadvantage of others
  • Challenge without confidence creates fear, confidence without challenge creates complacency. You need both.

Allen Catherine Kagina 

  • We were naive enough to believe that God can change anything
  • You are anointed to do what you do!

Wilfredo De Jesus

  • We can’t allow prayer to be a crutch not to do anything
  • You cannot let your budget dictate your faith
  • Ezekiel 2:20 – God is looking for people to stand in the gap
  • The message is sacred, the method should not be
  • We need to ask the same question Nehemiah asked, “How’s Jerusalem? … How’s Pittsburgh?”
  • Revelation reveals responsibility

Bill Hybels:

  • Something important in this world will be undone unless you do it
  • There is a grander vision somewhere on this planet that has your name on it
  • Calling is the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s great need
  • The satisfaction you’re looking for is never going to come through self-gratification
  • Find God’s bidding, do it with faith, and serve people joyfully and indiscriminately

Ivan Satyavrata

  • Power is the potential to move reality and make something happen
  • Leaders manage power
  • There is no such thing as leadership without power
  • We need to hold power in one hand and a towel and basin in the other
  • Great leaders refuse to use influence for intimidation or control
  • The greatest gift you can give to your followers is a safe place for them to soar to greater heights.
  • Your power comes from God and is a sacred trust to build up and not to destroy.

Tyler Perry

  • The person you have not forgiven is living their life and not even thinking about you and you’re carrying it around. They don’t deserve that power over you.
  • Criticism is only someone’s opinion
  • How can you pay attention to critics when you’re changing lives?

Louie Giglio 

  • We give glory to God, but we honor people
  • Sometimes you’re trying to lead, but if you’re honest, you have no clue what to do!
  • You don’t have to know everything about going up the mountain to take the next step
  • Life is short: The stakes are too high for us to die with a small vision
  • Life is short, but God is big!
  • Take the next step, it’s the only way to the top
  • The biggest idea of my life is that Jesus fame is the greatest fame in time and eternity and everything is about Him and for His glory!
  • God cannot use a man greatly until he wounds him deeply.
  • God wants you to know that you can, but you can’t
  • There are a lot of leaders at this conference, but there are no saviors.
  • The goal is not to get to the top of the mountain, it’s to get into the arms of Jesus.
  • Don’t stop walking in the confidence that Christ is enough to fulfill everything He has called you to do!

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  1. McConaughey gave the most heart-felt acceptance speech in the almost 60 years I’ve watched the Oscar’s. No notes, no TelePrompTer. He shared his priorities in life, his humility & groundedness with a multitude of plastic, bewildered faces. He revealed his personal core in a way seldom revealed in Hollywood. I’ll always respect him for that.

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