Winter Highlights 2009

As usual – time is flying! The first quarter of 2009 is already at an end! It’s been a great start to the year so far – literally every year of my life seems to get better and better! Yours should be doing the same!  So here are my highlights of the first quarter:


Went to a Steelers Playoff Game the Year they won the Super Bowl – Great game and Great Company (Thanks Ben!)


I got to spend some quality time with my dad and sister over some nice dinners! I love them! (*Note – my dad does not normally wear that hat – we made him wear it for the pic . . . He is a baller though!


First Pens Game I’ve been to since High School – Had a great time!


Fiddler on the Roof – Good company, good dinner, and I even learned some new dance moves!


The Ladies Around the Office “Love” me so much they made “Bubba Bricks” to throw at me – I feel loved


Dressed up like a girl for a skit/movie at 19 North – Bubba became “Bubbalicious” – Awkward… I’ll probably never do that again hahaimg_0306

Finally got my college degree – it’s over!


Got to serve at the Special Olympics – Good Times!


The Prank… Not really worth mentioning… but a highlight none the less!


Mr. McFelee Making an Appearance at 19 North – he took pictures with everybody and signed autographs – What a guy!

img_0007 Ski Trip with Revolution – Always a good time!

img_0347 The End of the Saturn….. On the bright side: We had Chic-fil-a milkshakes before the accident… img_0282

img_0280We Roasted a pig for the Super Bowl – Pretty Sweet

Those were just a few highlights from a great kickoff to the year….. What were some of your highlights?


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