You Are Closer Than You Think

In 2005, I started running. When I started I couldn’t run 1/2 a mile and I was overweight. It was very frustrating. I was slow. I always got passed by other people running. I often wanted to give up. It seemed like I had too far to go. It seemed like I wouldn’t make it. Ever been there?

Over time, I pushed through my fears and frustrations. I got faster, ran further, and lost weight. Eventually, I ran a marathon, looked good, and I was the one passing people! Those accomplishments made all the pain and effort worth it. I am so glad I did not give up.

Last summer, I saw an overweight girl running in my neighborhood. She was slow and looked exhausted and frustrated. I said, “Keep going! You’re doing great! You can do this!”

Why was I able to encourage her? Because I knew she was closer than she thought she was to succeeding, to becoming faster, to losing weight. I knew that if she’d make the decision to daily go after it, that after a short period of time, she would be achieving what she once thought was impossible!

We are all closer than we think to our goals. We’re closer than we think to losing weight, running a marathon, finding our future spouse, making a living . . . you name it. You just have to choose to keep going. Choose to take steps toward your goals everyday.

So keep going. Don’t give up.

You’re closer than you think!


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