You Are Home, You have Arrived

“Success is when the people that know you best, love and respect you the most.” -John Maxwell

I was listening to an interesting leadership lesson the other day by John Maxwell called, “Leadership Off the Wall.” The entire lesson was about things leaders keep in their office to motivate themselves.

One leader had a sign in his home office that read, “You are Home, You Have Arrived”

What a great reminder to come home to. We spend so much of our lives trying to become something to the outside world, when true success is having people who know us intimately love and respect us the most.

When I meet with business men and people who travel a lot, I always ask them about what it is like to travel the world. I always anticipate them telling me how great, however, their response is almost unanimous every time, “Bubba, you can travel the world and you will learn quickly that there’s no place like home. If you can’t travel and experience the world with the people you love most, it’s not worth it.”

John went on to tell a story of when he was on a plane and someone asked him where home was. He pointed to his wife, Margaret, and said, “Wherever she is, that’s home. If she’s not there, it’s not home.” That sums it up doesn’t it?

These lessons will always be a priority check for me. I am preparing to lead my life and family in a way that they always know they are my top priority. I never want Laura to have to second guess that she is way more important to me than ministry, networking, work, or other friendships.

As you go home today, I hope this post will serve you as a simple reminder:

You are Home, You Have Arrived.





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